Cancer Centre, Ospedale San Pietro Fatebenefratelli, Rome

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Dr Arianna Pellegrino
Address Oncology Unit
Ospedale S.Pietro Fatebebenefratelli


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San Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital Oncology Unit was instituted in 1995. It represents a reference point for a wide user base in Rome including the northern area of the city and the  bordering regions, placed along the old Via Cassia. Since 2000 with Dr. Di Palma Mario and Dr. Pavese Ida, it is an  Operating Unit Complex (U.O.C.).


The U.O.C. Oncology Department of San Pietro FBF Hospital, guarantee for patient’s cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment (surgery, radiation therapy, medical oncology), palliative and supportive care (clinical nutrition, physiotherapy rehabilitation, psychological, religious and social support, pain management, management of terminally ill patients). Our staff consists of 8 Medical Oncologists 19 nurses, two psychologists, 3 social workers, a nutritionist and a secretary. Two of the 8 Medical Oncologists (Dr. Pavese Ida and Dr. Pellegrino Arianna) are also experts in Palliative Care. The ward has 16 beds dedicated to inpatients (cancer diagnosis, together with supportive care for cancer related/unrelated symptoms or with symptoms deriving from cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy), and the DH Unit has 10 armchairs for chemotherapy.


The U.O.C. Oncology Department of San Pietro Hospital,  guarantees healthcare and assistance to cancer patients at every stage of disease (cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, management of treatment side-effects, emergency, physiotherapy rehabilitation, psychological support for cancer patients and their families, pain control management, nutritional support, management of terminal cancer patients). Our facilities and staff members can assure continuity of care for those patients who no longer benefit from conventional therapies, by guaranteeing specific programmes of palliative and supportive care and by a close professional partnership with Hospices and Home Care Services.

Palliative and supportive care


The staff of Palliative and Supportive Care of the Oncology Unit consists of two Medical Oncologists (Ida Pavese, MD and Arianna Pellegrino MD experts in Palliative Care, one psychologist, one social assistant and 2 nurses.).

There is an ambulatory dedicated to Palliative Care. A close co-operation exists between Oncology Unit and Home Care Service in order to guarantee assistance for all cancer patients until death. Staff members of the Home Care Service and the Oncology Unit are constantly in-touch and work side-by-side, to assure continuity of care. Our Oncology Department can also manage terminal cancer patients, if necessary.