ESMO Designated Centres Working Group

The ESMO Designated Centres Working Group (DCWG) works in the field of organisation, policy, research, education and the development of oncology incentive programmes with the goal of fully integrating supportive and palliative care into medical oncology practice at existing healthcare facilities.

Activities and Responsibilities

  • Defining minimum standards for the provision of supportive and palliative care by cancer centres
  • Improving the level of involvement and expertise of oncologists in the delivery of supportive and palliative care to patients
  • Promoting palliative care issues and initiatives worldwide


  • Membership is open to Full and Junior ESMO members with particular interest in palliative care


  • Stein Kaasa, Norway

Deputy chair

  • Gudrun Marie Ilse Kreye, Austria

Committee Members

  • Rita Canario, Portugal
  • Raphael Catane, Israel
  • Nathan Cherny, Israel
  • Alexandru-Calin Grigorescu, Romania
  • Azza Adel Hassan, Qatar
  • David Hui, United States of America
  • Masanori Mori, Japan
  • Ozgur Ozyilkan, Turkey
  • Carla Ripamonti, Italy
  • Maryna Rubach, Poland
  • Tamari Rukhadze, Georgia
  • Dirk Schrijvers, Belgium
  • Anna-Marie Stevens, United Kingdom
  • Florian Strasser, Switzerland
  • Jayne Wood, United Kingdom
  • Camilla Zimmermann, Canada

Last update: January 2019