Fifth European Advocacy in Action Forum during the ESMO Congress 2014

ESMO and Vital Options International present the 5th European Advocacy In Action® Forum

2014 European Advocacy in Action videos

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Video Titles:

  • ESMO Congress 2014 in Madrid
  • European Reference Networks: Helping to Provide High Quality and Cost Effective Health Care
  • Clinical Trials and Data Registries: How Patients and Medical Professionals Can Work Together
  • Tissue Banks in Europe: How Patients and Medical Professionals Can Work Together
  • Societal Challenges Faced by Cancer Patients

Tribute to Selma Schimmel

The 5th European Advocacy in Action at the ESMO 2014 Congress in Madrid was a special one. The forum was opened with a special tribute to the Vital Options Founder, Selma Schimmel, who sadly passed away in May 2014. Selma's role in the evolution of greater understanding about the needs of the cancer advocates in both Europe and around the world has made a permanent mark in the cancer community.

European Advocacy Community Remembers Selma at ESMO 2014

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