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Date Title Topic
01 Mar 2018 Endocrinopathies Induced by Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Regimens Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy
28 Feb 2018 FDA Approves Abemaciclib as Initial Therapy for HR-positive HER2-negative Metastatic Breast Cancer Breast cancer - Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy
27 Feb 2018 EMA Adopts a Negative Opinion for Extension of Indications for Sunitinib Genitourinary cancers - Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy
26 Feb 2018 EMA Recommends Refusal of the Marketing Authorisation for Neratinib Breast cancer - Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy
23 Feb 2018 Adherence to Follow-up is Low in Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors Cancer in Special Situations / Population
22 Feb 2018 High Body Fat Level Is Associated With Increased Risk of ER-Positive Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women Even With Normal BMI Breast cancer - Epidemiology/Etiology/Cancer Prevention
21 Feb 2018 FDA Approves Durvalumab After Chemoradiation for Unresectable Stage III NSCLC Lung and other thoracic tumours - Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy
20 Feb 2018 NICE Updates Medical Technologies Guidance on PleurX Peritoneal Catheter Drainage System Palliative and supportive care
19 Feb 2018 Neoadjuvant Dabrafenib/Trametinib for High-Risk, Surgically Resectable BRAF-Mutated Melanoma Melanoma and other skin tumours - Personalised medicine - Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy
16 Feb 2018 FDA Approves Apalutamide for Non-Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Genitourinary cancers - Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy
15 Feb 2018 Promises from in Situ Vaccination Basic science - Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy
14 Feb 2018 Phase III IMmotion151 Study Met Its Co-Primary Endpoint of Investigator-Assessed PFS Genitourinary cancers - Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy - Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy
13 Feb 2018 FDA Approves the RadioGenix System for Producing Technetium-99m Diagnosis, Imaging and Staging
12 Feb 2018 CancerSEEK Promises Earlier Detection of Cancer Translational research
09 Feb 2018 FDA Approves Abiraterone Acetate in Combination with Prednisone for High-Risk Metastatic Castration-Sensitive Prostate Cancer Genitourinary cancers - Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy