Zsolt Horváth

ESMO National Representative in Hungary

Term 2017 – 2018
Address University of Debrecen Medical and Health Science Center
Institute of Oncology


Zsolt Horváth

Dr Zsolt Horváth graduated in general medicine from the Medical School of the Semmelweis University in Budapest in 1989. He specialised in internal medicine in 1994, in clinical oncology in 1996, and in clinical pharmacology in 1998. Dr Holváth obtained the European Certification of Medical Oncology in 2002 and received his PhD degree in 2011.

Between 1989 and 2012 he worked as fulltime cancer specialist at the Departments of Medical Oncology and Clinical Pharmacology at the National Institute of Oncology in Budapest. Since July 2012 he has been the director of  the Institute of Oncology at University of Debrecen Medical and Health Science Centre.

Dr. Horváth is a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Hungarian Society of Oncologists. His main field of interests are solid tumours, especially breast cancer. He has been involved in several phase II / III trials exploring new therapies in various solid tumours and translational research projects.