Tomas Svoboda

ESMO National Representative in Czech Republic

Term 2016 – 2017
Address Dept. of Oncology and Radiotherapy
University Hospital
Alej Svobody 80
304 60 Plzen

Czech Republic

Tomas Svoboda

Dr. Tomas Svoboda, PhD. following his studies at the Medical faculty of Charles University in Plzen in 1992 started his fellowship and residency at the Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy, University Hospital in Plzen. He passed first degree of board examination in 1995 and second degree in 1998, both in Radiation Oncology. Later he was trained in Medical Oncology with of board examination in 2004 and in January, 2011 he finished his postgraduate PhD. studies focused on the current role of tumour markers in ovarian cancer. In 1997 and 2002 he participated in a repeated short observer ship stay in Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, New York. Since 2007 he works at the position of Head of radiation oncology part of the department.

Dr. Svoboda is mainly interested in the breast, GYN and colorectal cancer and also involved in new drugs development and clinical research. He is a principal investigator or local co-investigator of some studies in the field of breast, colorectal and other solid cancer types at the dept. and involved in specific programmes like European breast cancer Expert Board or Czech web discussion forum.

He has different educational activities for high school and university students, and is cooperating with breast cancer patients organisation “Mamma Help” since 2008. Dr. Svoboda is an organiser and coordinator of Young oncologist meetings annually. He is also member of editorial board of the Czech journal “Clinical Oncology“, corresponding author of articles, publications and comments in different journals and scientific editor of Czech version of “The Lancet“ since 2005 and other medical journals. He is a member of many scientific Czech an international societies like ESMO or ASTRO.