Jeliazko Arabadjiev

ESMO National Representative in Bulgaria

Term 2017 – 2018
Address Clinic of Medical Oncology
National Oncology Hospital (SBALO EAD)


Jeliazko Arabadjiev

Dr. Jeliazko Arabadjiev was born in 1973, in Varna, Bulgaria. In 1997, he graduated with excellence from the Medical University in his hometown. Between 1999 and 2008, Dr Arabadjiev worked as clinical research associate, mainly focusing on industry-sponsored trials in treatments of solid malignancies.

In March 2009, he started his residency in medical oncology at the National Oncology Hospital – Sofia (SBALO EAD). In 2013 he was assigned the position of assistant professor at the Clinic of Medical Oncology within the hospital, where he has been currently working as a specialist in medical oncology, following the attainment in May 2014 of his board certificate in Medical Oncology from the Medical University of Sofia.

His main interests lie within the treatment of breast cancer, lung cancer and urogenital cancers. Currently, as a board certified oncologist, he is also constantly involved in multidisciplinary boards for pre-operative breast cancer treatment, urogenital tumors and head and neck malignancies.

Dr. Arabadjiev is currently also working on his PhD thesis. His research work is focused on the prognostic and predictive values of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes and potential immunological blockade of tumor growth in early and locally advanced breast cancer.

He has co-authored several publications in Bulgarian and English language for local scientific journals and he has also served as co-investigator in several clinical trials, mainly in breast and prostate cancer.

Dr. Arabadjiev is an Executive Board member of the Young Oncologist Club in Bulgaria. He has been an ESMO member since 2009, and he is also a member of several national and international societies, such as the Bulgarian Oncology Society and the American Society of Clinical Oncology. 

His specialization in medical oncology has been recognised by both the Bulgarian Doctors Union and the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom.