Anneli Elme

ESMO National Representative in Estonia

Term 2016 – 2017
Address North Estonian Regional Hospital Cancer Center
Hiiu 44
11619 Tallinn



Dr. Anneli Elme studied medicine at the historic Tartu University, where she graduated in 1991. Following her medical studies, she practiced internal medicine from 1993 to 1998 in various hospitals in Estonia, whereafter she decided to pursue her residency in medical oncology at the Tartu University, followed by a residency in radiation oncology at the Helsinki University, Finland (2003-2006). She gained international experience while working in clinical oncology at the Helsinki University Cancer Clinic in Finland (2003-2007).

Currently, Dr. Elme is a Senior Oncologist at the North Estonian Regional Hospital Oncology Centre in Tallinn, where she was appointed in 2007. In her oncology practice, she draws from her experience as an internist at the Department of Internal Medicine, Estonian Seamen’s Hospital in Tallinn (1993-1998) and as a medical oncologist at the North Estonian Regional Hospital Oncology Centre in Tallinn (2003-2004). 

Dr. Elme holds memberships in various professional and honorary societies such as the Estonian Medical Association and the Estonian Society for Medical Oncology. In the years 1995-2003, she also served as Member and Chairman of the Board of the Tallinn Medical Association. Additionally, she held a longstanding position as a Member of the Board of the Estonian Association of Parents with Cancer (1995-2013).

Dr. Elme has participated in numerous clinical trials in Estonia as well as internationally;at present, she is writing her doctoral thesis at the Helsinki University Cancer Clinic under the supervision of Prof.Tiina Saarto. Her research focuses on breast cancer and metabolic risk factors, about which she has published several articles in collaboration with her colleagues at the Helsinki University. Dr. Elme will defend her PhD in Medicine in the winter of 2014/15.