Andreas Stensvold

ESMO National Representative in Norway

Term 2014 – 2015
Address Oslo University Hospital,
The Norwegian Radium Hospital



Dr. Andreas Stensvold gained his Board Certification as Physician at the University of Umeå (Sweden) in 2001 and attained his Ph.D. at the University of Oslo in 2012. The theme of his research work was “Curative treatment of prostate cancer: a study of adverse effects and adherence to guidelines”.

In 2003 he worked as General Practitioner in Kviteseid (Norway). He completed residency at the Medicine Department of the Notodden Hospital (2003-2004) and at the Oncology Department of the Norwegian Radium Hospital in Oslo (2004-2010).

Dr. Stensvold is currently Head of the Uro-oncology Section of the Oslo University Hospital, where he has been working since 2010 as senior consultant oncologist.

President of the Norwegian Uro-oncology Society since 2013, Dr. Stensvold is also Board member of the Norwegian Oncology Society he joined as President from 2009 to 2013.

He has contributed to various publications manly focused on prostate cancer.