ESMO Women for Oncology: a network to share and to grow

Advancing the careers of female oncologists to become the leaders of tomorrow

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ESMO Women for Oncology is a dynamic network of oncology professionals, united by common challenges and common objectives: pursue a successful scientific professional career and be placed to be part of the leaders of tomorrow, by sharing experiences, collaborating on new projects and exchanging ideas.

Solange Peters, Chair of the ESMO Women for Oncology Committee

In 2013, thanks to the intuition and vision of Martine Piccart (ESMO President 2012-2013), ESMO started looking into the under representation of female oncologists in leadership positions, which led to the Women for Oncology initiative.

Today, ESMO aims to support female oncologists looking to achieve leadership positions by:

  • Highlighting female leaders considered as models of excellence
  • Acting as a platform to connect and endorse relevant initiatives
  • Acknowledging women oncologists who became leaders in the field

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Working Towards Equality for Women in Oncology

On International Women’s Day, Pilar Garrido, Cristiana Sessa and Giuseppe Curigliano celebrated the significant gains achieved by women over the past decades and discuss the challenges that need to be overcome to increase the visibility of professional women in oncology. Read the article here.

ESMO Women for Oncology: Solange Peters, Pilar Garrido and Erika Martinelli address the challenges women oncologists face in their professional career development.