June 2016 – Image of the Month

A 65 year-old otherwise healthy woman came to our clinic complaining of a giant scalp lesion, with slow but steady growth in the last few years. The patient had no weight loss, fever, dyspnea or neurological symptoms.

  • Date: 22 Jun 2016
  • Author: Marcos Pantarotto, Marcos Camandaroba, Monica Nave
  • Affiliation: Medical Oncology Department, Hospital da Luz, Lisbon, Portugal; Medical Oncology Department, Hospital A.C. Camargo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
June 2016
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What is the diagnosis?

The authors have no actual, potential, real or apparent interest to declare. They have no involvement that might raise the question of bias in the work reported or in the conclusions, implications, or opinions stated.

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