Guide for Patients with Advanced Cancer: Getting the Most Out of Your Oncologist

Guides for Patients are designed to assist patients, their relatives and caregivers to better understand the nature of different types of cancer and evaluate the best available treatment choices.

Guide for Patients with Advanced Cancer
  • In a unique partnering of oncologists, patients and patient advocacy groups, ESMO has produced this guide to help patients with advanced cancer and their treating oncologists.
  • For patients and their family members, it provides practical advice regarding cancer care, communicating with oncologists, important questions to ask, getting information and the challenges of living with an advanced cancer.
  • For practising oncologists, the guide will serve as a tool to help focus important discussions with their patients and to assist in addressing the many issues their patients are confronting. You can also access the accompanying guide: "User's Manual for Oncology Clinicians" on OncologyPRO.

Patient Guide by language

New translation in Portuguese with the guide also available to download below in English, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Romanian, Russian and Turkish.