European Chronic Disease Alliance

ESMO is a Founding Member of the European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA). The ECDA members represent over 100,000 health professionals and address cancers, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, kidney, respiratory and liver diseases.

The Alliance is lobbying for immediate political action at the European level, because chronic non-communicable diseases affect more than one-third of the population of Europe – over 100 million citizens - and account for 86% of deaths in the WHO European Region.

Latest publications (November 2014)

Main achievements

  • 2010: ECDA White Paper on Chronic Disease
    In 2010 the European Chronic Disease Alliance members  united to publish a joint paper on prevention called the ECDA White Paper on Chronic Disease. The main focus of the paper is the prevention of non-communicable diseases by addressing common risk factors, which are tobacco use, poor nutrition, physical inactivity and alcohol consumption.

ESMO has contributed significantly to the Alliance:

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