ESMO Thanks Oncology Nurses for Their Outstanding Contribution in the Review of the Patient Guides

Contribution from ten oncology nurses appointed by EONS is highly appreciated 

  • Date: 14 Dec 2016

ESMO Guides for Patients are designed to assist patients, their relatives and caregivers to better understand the nature of different types of cancer and to empower them when discussing the available treatment choices and the different steps in care.

The patient guides translate complex medical information into a language understood by patients. The medical information is based on the ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines, which are designed to assist medical oncologists in the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patients with different cancer types and conditions.

Since 2014, ESMO has collaborated on the patient guides with the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) based on a Memorandum of Understanding.

To date, oncology nurses appointed by EONS have participated in the review of six patient guides, five of which are currently online:

The Multiple Myeloma guide is currently under production.

ESMO would like to thank Anita Margulies, BSN, RN, for organising the work of the EONS contributors and participating in the review of the above titles, along with the following oncology nurses for their valuable help reviewing the guides:

Jane Beveridge, BSc Hons, MSc
Patricia Bosman, MSc
Orejeta Diamanti, RN
Matthew Fowler, RN Dip HE, BNurs, PG Cert
Jorge Freitas, RN, MSc    
Julie Hewitt, RGN, BSc
Michelle Lewington, MSc, BSc (Hons) RN
Anita Margulies, BSN, RN
Mary Tanay, RN, MSc       
Hanneke Zwinkels, RN, MA ANP

ESMO hopes that the collaboration will continue into the future, for the benefit of those in need of such information.