Asian AYA Cancer Care Survey

This survey is organised by the ESMO/SIOPE Cancer in Adolescent and Young Adults (AYA) Working Group following successful mapping of the European AYA cancer care landscape.

In collaboration with SIOP Asia and ESMO National Representatives appointed AYA experts, we created a dedicated Asian Steering Committee, whose members with our Working Group members have adapted the questionnaire to capture diverse situations in Asia in term of AYA cancer care.

The survey objectives are

  1. To record the current situation in AYA cancer care in Asia
  2. To ensure that the ESMO and SIOPE Joint Working Group provides the educational content that is of interest to members of both societies regarding AYA issues
  3. To increase professional awareness of AYA cancer related issues in Asia

The survey consists of questions on the following topics

  • Demographics
  • Services for AYA and clinical teams
  • Clinical research
  • The health of people living after cancer
  • The management of cancer risk in AYA
  • Raising awareness and improving AYA care and outcome
  • Professional education about AYA with cancer

The survey can be completed in 10-15 minutes.

The deadline for completion is 12 June 2018.

We care about your privacy: all responses are anonymous.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

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