ESMO Consensus Guidelines for the Management of Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Published in 2016 - First published online: July 5, 2016
Authors: E. Van Cutsem, A. Cervantes, R. Adam, A. Sobrero, J. H. Van Krieken, D. Aderka, E. Aranda Aguilar, A. Bardelli, A. Benson, G. Bodoky, F. Ciardiello, A. D’Hoore, E. Diaz-Rubio, J.-Y. Douillard, M. Ducreux, A. Falcone, A. Grothey, T. Gruenberger, K. Haustermans, V. Heinemann, P. Hoff, C.-H. Köhne, R. Labianca, P. Laurent-Puig, B. Ma, T. Maughan, K. Muro, N. Normanno, P. Österlund, W. J. G. Oyen, D. Papamichael, G. Pentheroudakis, P. Pfeiffer, T. J. Price, C. Punt, J. Ricke, A. Roth, R. Salazar, W. Scheithauer, H. J. Schmoll, J. Tabernero, J. Taïeb, S. Tejpar, H. Wasan, T. Yoshino, A. Zaanan and D. Arnold

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common malignancies in Western countries. Over the last 20 years, and the last decade in particular, the clinical outcome for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer has improved greatly due not only to an increase in the number of patients being referred for and undergoing surgical resection of their localised metastatic disease but also to a more strategic approach to the delivery of systemic therapy and an expansion in the use of ablative techniques. These ESMO consensus guidelines have been developed based on the current available evidence to provide a series of evidence-based recommendations to assist in the treatment and management of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer in this rapidly evolving treatment setting.

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