ESMO Guidelines Slide Sets – a new ESMO product

ESMO Guidelines Slide Sets is a new way of viewing and using the ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) – a quick and easy access to the essential content of the guidelines!

A new guidelines resource

You already know the abridged  Pocket Guidelines which are available in both printed and app format, organised in clusters of oncology disease areas. The Slides Sets introduce a further condensed format where each of the CPGs are proposed in a very concise manner in the format of PowerPoint slides (ppts and pdf format available) giving you direct access to a summary of recommendations for each section as well as access to all the algorithms, figures and tables from each full text CPG.

Available titles:

Advanced breast cancer - algorithms from the 4th ESO-ESMO International Consensus Guidelines (ABC4)

Slide set (PDF)   Slide set (PowerPoint)

Rectal cancer

Slide set (PDF)   Slide set (PowerPoint)

Management of toxicities from immunotherapy

Slide set (PDF)   Slide set (PowerPoint)

Early and locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Slide set (PDF)   Slide set (PowerPoint)

Free to download

The core content of each CPG is presented in a user-friendly format ready for you to use in your own presentations, both to illustrate your own cases and research, as well as for educational purposes. Please note that while you may use slides individually from the sets for personal use, it is strictly forbidden to alter or hide any of the content, the ESMO logo, the Guidelines brand or the copyright statement and link in any way.

Copyright © 2018 European Society for Medical Oncology. All rights reserved. Commercial institutions and organisations are prohibited from using or reproducing the slides without written permission from ESMO. To enquire about permission, please send an email to:

Please also refer to the chapter about  copyright and intellectual property on the page ‘Website Terms & Conditions’

Note: the PowerPoint format is wide screen (16:9) by default - in case you need to adapt to standard slide size (4:3) please select the 'ensure fit' option to avoid the slides are truncated.

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