ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines

Establishing the highest standards of clinical practice is a collective effort of the whole oncology community. The ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines, prepared and reviewed by leading experts, help you provide patients with the best care options.

Cancer research is constantly advancing. Evidence-based medicine transfers the results of that research into new standards and methods for clinical practice. Thanks to ESMO’s regularly updated Clinical Practice Guidelines the decisions you make every day are supported by the informed consensus of the leading experts in our profession.

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New 2018 ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines now online!

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New and Updated ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines in 2017

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we have also updated the following six guidelines: 

ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines: Supportive and Palliative Care

Management of cancer pain in adult patients • Constipation in advanced cancer • Delirium in Adult Cancer • Diarrhoea in adult cancer patients Patients • Management of anaemia and iron deficiency in patients with cancer • Management of infusion reactions to systemic anticancer therapy • Management of toxicities from immunotherapy • Management of febrile neutropaenia • MASCC and ESMO consensus guidelines for the prevention of chemotherapy and radiotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting • Treatment of dyspnoea in advanced cancer patients • Central venous access in oncology • Management of oral and gastrointestinal mucosal injury • Management of refractory symptoms at the end of life and the use of palliative sedation • Advanced care planning in palliative care • Bone health in cancer patients • Cancer, fertility and pregnancy • Management of chemotherapy extravasation • Cardiovascular toxicity induced by chemotherapy, targeted agents and radiotherapy • Management of venous thromboembolism in cancer patients  

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ESMO-Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale

The ESMO-Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale – promoting clear and unbiased communication about the benefit of cancer treatments


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ESMO Guidelines Methodology

To assist those using and/or evaluating the ESMO Guidelines, download the methodology here

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