ESMO Preceptorship on Supportive and Palliative Care

Lugano, Switzerland - 01 Feb - 02 Feb 2019

Learning objectives

  • Understand mechanisms of the key symptoms and syndromes pain, fatigue, anorexia, dyspnea, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin toxicities, mucositis, and their association with cancer-disease and anticancer-treatment
  • Describe main pharmacological, physical, educational, communicative and coordinating interventions for management of cachexia and other key symptoms and syndromes
  • Understand integration of screening for and assessment of anticancer toxicities, symptoms and other palliative and supportive care needs, and integration of their management in routine oncology care
  • Describe required competences of multidisciplinary and inter-professional teams for multimodal management
  • Understand key steps to prepare patients and family members for end-of-life and care of the dying person
  • Understand the risk, prevention and management of venous thromboembolism, febrile neutropenia, anaemia and bone complications in cancer patients
  • Understand how to communicate with patients about illness, prognosis, coping, hope, and decisions, reflect about your own role, and how to address cultural differences
  • Know the ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines relevant for the topics discussed

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How to apply

Application is via online form. During the application process you will be required to upload the following:

Application deadline

Applications are now closed.

Who can apply?

While this course is primarily aimed at oncologists resident in Europe, application is open to all ESMO members.

To apply, ESMO membership is mandatory. If you are not an ESMO member, or need to renew your membership, please visit the  ESMO membership pages.

What's included?

Successful applicants will benefit from complimentary course registration and accommodation.

Travel Grant

In addition to the course registration and the hotel accommodation, a travel grant of maximum 600 euros is offered to selected applicants as a contribution versus their travel costs. The reimbursement will be processed after the course against original invoices/vouchers. Please be aware that visa costs are NOT covered by the travel grant and are the participant's responsibility.


The programme of this event will be accredited with ESMO-MORA category 1 points. Recertification is necessary for medical oncologists to remain professionally certified by ESMO. Recertification guarantees that a certified medical oncologist has continued to update her/his knowledge and continues to possess the necessary skills and standards for the practice of medical oncology. For further details, please refer to  ESMO-MORA Recertification Process & Requirements.


  • Karin Jordan, Germany


  • Florian Strasser, Switzerland

Venue and accommodation

Novotel Lugano Paradiso
Viale San Salvatore 11
6900 Lugano-Paradiso, Switzerland