International Congress on Targeted Anticancer Therapies (TAT) 2011 Presentations

Plenary Session 1: Opening Ceremony

Plenary Session 2: Targeting Mutated BRAF and KRAS

Plenary Session 3: Miscellaneous Drugs and Targets (1)

Plenary Session 4: Refining Anti-Angiogenic Therapy: Getting Over the Wall

Plenary Session 5: Targeting DNA Damage Repair Beyond PARP

Plenary Session 6: Hsp90 Inhibitors

Plenary Session 7: Metabolic Targets

  • Educational lecture: Metabolic targeting: an update on biguanides - M. Pollak, Canada (slides not available)
  • Targeting metabolism: Metformin in cancer prevention and therapy - M. Pierotti, Italy (slides not available)
  • Cancer metabolism: Drug discovery to control critical metabolic enzymes - D. Schenkein, USA (slides not available)
  • Putting cancer on a diet: Targeting glycolysis and fatty acid metabolism as therapeutic strategies - P. Nisen, USA (slides not available)

Plenary Session 8: Targeting the Androgen Axis and Other Targets in Prostate Cancer

Plenary Session 9: Methodological and Regulatory Issues in the Development of Targeted Agents

Plenary Session 10: Immunological Targets

  • Immunological targets: Basic aspects - I. Melero, Spain (slides not available)
  • It's a new world in melanoma - A.M.M. Eggermont, France (slides not available)
  • Novel strategies in the design and development of recombinant vaccines for cancer therapy - R.A. Madan, C. Palena, J.L. Gulley, J.W. Hodge, K.Y. Tsang, J.W. Greiner, J. Huang, J. Schlom (slides not available)

Plenary Session 11: Drugs Targeting the PI3K – Akt – mTOR Pathway

Plenary Session 12: Miscellaneous Drugs and Targets (2)

Plenary Session 13: Roles for Genome Sequencing in Drug Development

  • Implications of the new sequencing technologies for clinical oncology - P. Meltzer, USA (slides not available)
  • An integrated and comprehensive approach of functional and structural genomics at the era of exome and next generation sequencing in early drug development - V. Lazar, France (slides not available)