ESMO Sarcoma & GIST Conference 2016

Milan, Italy - 16 Feb - 17 Feb 2016

The 6th ESMO Sarcoma & GIST Conference, 16-17 February 2016, was held in Milan, Italy. ESMO’s Sarcoma & GIST Conference is marked by a comprehensive faculty from both Europe and the U.S.A., including both top sarcoma clinicians, pathologists and biologists. The conference goal is to merge the clinical and translational perspectives into a single high-profile educational event making it a unique opportunity in rare cancers such as STS & GIST. This conference is an excellent place for international networking and collaboration, and features discussions with the key opinion leaders in the field.

The 2016 programme looked at the different “models” which mark the today’s diversified world of sarcomas. While in the last 15 years GIST have been shaping the model of targeted therapies in solid cancers, STS have always provided a model for local surgical control in challenging anatomical sites. Some models somehow replicate the GIST model and others deeply deviate in regard to the use of molecularly targeted therapies, and a STS immune therapy model is awaited. These many models attracted an audience of experts in sarcomas and were discussed by aworld-renowned faculty highlighting each of the diverse models in a multidisciplinary fashion, always merging translational science and pathology with clinical treatment aspects.


  • Jean-Yves Blay, Lyon, France
  • Paolo G. Casali, Milan, Italy
  • A. Paolo dei Tos, Treviso, Italy