IMPAKT 2013: Training Course

The organisers of IMPAKT 2013 are pleased to announce a training course designed for early to mid-career oncologists, pathologists and research scientists on Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 May.

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The training course is particularly focused on clinicians by providing them with an understanding of key topics of basic and translational research that are relevant either to patient care or to the biology of breast cancer.

The programme will include a practical session for pathologists highlighting sample cases with the use of digital pathology.

Attendance at the course will be restricted to 100 participants selected by the IMPAKT 2013 Scientific Committee on the basis of applications submitted. Applications supported by a Curriculum Vitae and a motivation letter should be sent via e-mail to the ESMO IMPAKT Secretariat. Registration is open until all positions are filled.

Training course learning objectives

  • Understand the importance of translational research and how its integration can advance solving current clinical problems for breast cancer patients
  • Understand the drug development process from different perspectives: from the bench to the patients as well as from the perspective of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Understand the new technologies of Next Generation Sequencing and how they provide new biological understanding of breast cancer
  • Understand some essential concepts of basic science in terms of signalling pathways, cancer immunity among others and their importance in breast cancer