IMPAKT 2012 – Breast Cancer Conference

Brussels, Belgium - 03 May - 05 May 2012

IMPAKT - Improving care and knowledge through translational research

A unique Breast Cancer Conference that bridges the gap between research and clinic while also providing the right environment for young professionals to network with and access the knowledge of their senior counterparts.

IMPAKT focuses on translational research in breast cancer and on innovative ways of developing new agents. It is a valuable meeting which brings together pre-clinical and clinical researchers from Academia and Industry, junior and senior oncologists and facilitates the role of mentor and the importance of sharing knowledge to improve careers. The rapid translation of biologically-based laboratory discoveries into daily clinical practice is important, but equally important is the trip back from the clinic to the laboratory, to further explore and explain clinically observed tumour biology and behaviour. In 2012, 555 participants from 57 countries attended the conference in Brussels.

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