IMPAKT 2010 - Presentations

DNA - Dr. Emiel Rutgers, NL

RNA - Dr. Giuseppe Curigliano, IT

Emerging Technologies - Dr. Fabrice André, FR

Circulation Markers - Dr. Philippe Bedard, CA

Pathology - Professor Michael Gnant, AT

Methodology in Bio-Markers Research and Validation - Prof. Dr. Nadia Harbeck, DE

Opening Keynote Lecture: Interrogating the architecture of cancer genome - Dr. Martine Piccart, BE

DNA Repair as a Treatment Target - Professor Michael Gnant, AT

Best Abstracts - Clifford Hudis, US, Prof. Angelo Di Leo, IT, Dr. Fabrice André, FR, Prof. John Bartlett, UK

Keynote Lecture: A decade of translational research in breast cancer - Prof. Giuseppe Viale, IT, Dr. William Fraser Symmans, US

The next wave of molecular therapies - Prof.Dr. Jean-Charles Soria, FR, Professor Stephen Johnston, UK, Neil Rosen, US

Innovative Trials Design - Dr. Richard Gelber, US

Practice-Changing Discoveries in Translational Research - Prof. Aron Goldhirsch, IT

Special Educational Session: Tailoring of Endocrine Therapy - Dr. Kent Osborne, US, Dr. Eric Winer, US, Dr. Martine Piccart, BE

Keynote Lecture: Cancer metabolism as a potential treatment target - Prof. Dr. Med Heikki Joensuu, FI

Breast Cancer Initiation and Metastatic Progression - Neil Rosen, US, Dr. Pamela Goodwin, CA

Is Anti-angiogenic Therapy Dead in Breast Cancer? - Jonas Bergh, SE