ESMO Society Session @ ECC 2015

The ESMO Society Session was held during ECC 2015
Monday 28 September

Chair: R.A. Stahel, Switzerland     Co-Chair: F. Ciardiello, Italy

16:45 Welcome and general introduction

Speaker: R.A. Stahel, Switzerland

16:55 Introduction and overview of ESMO public policy

Speaker: R.A. Stahel, Switzerland

17:00 ESMO Magnitude of Clinical Benefits Scale

Speaker: E.G. de Vries, Netherlands

17:20 ESMO International Anti-Neoplastic Medicines Study

Speaker: N.I. Cherny, Israel

17:40 How the ESMO Magnitude of Clinical Benefits Scale is applied

Speaker: A. Eniu, Romania

18:00 ESMO Award presentation and lecture

Awardee: N.I. Cherny, Israel

18:15 ESMO Lifetime Acheivment Award presentation and lecture

Awardee: N. Saijo, Japan

18:30 ESMO Fellowship Awards

Awardees: S. Valpione, Italy; Lisa Derosa, Italy; Z. Lohinai, Hungary; B. Navarro Rodrigo, Spain; P. Szturz, Czech Republic; A. Verlicchi, Italy; I. Sullivan, Spain

18:40 ESMO Best Examination 2014

Awardee: U. Bokal, Slovenia