Friedrich Schuhmacher top marks in last year's ESMO exam!

Out of 203 young Medical Oncologists who sat the ESMO Examination in 2011, our congratulations go to Dr Friedrich Schuhmacher, a community oncologist from Schillingsfürst, Bavaria, Germany, who took the exam in Lucerne, and scored the highest mark. This fantastic achievement will be recognized by Fellowship and Award Committee Chair, Professor Josep Tabernero, from Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona, Spain, who will present Dr Schuhmacher with the ESMO Best Exam Award as part of the Fellowships in Europe educational session, which will take place on Monday afternoon from 14:00 onwards in Hall F-1.

The ESMO Exam demonstrates that Medical Oncologists possesses the knowledge, skills and aptitude essential for the optimal treatment of cancer patients, and offers a valuable assessment tool for practising Medical Oncologists throughout the world.

At ESMO this afternoon a record number of Medical Oncologists from 39 countries will be putting their skills to the test and sitting the exam. The number of candidates is up 28% on last year, with 305 doctors so far registered. Successful candidates will receive certification for 5 years, with the examination accredited with 50 category 1 ESMO-MORA CME points.

The 2 hour long examination, presented in a multiple choice format, covers all aspects of medical oncology including histology, epidemiology and biology, with questions also addressing diagnosis, staging, management, evaluation and prognosis of cancer patients. Anyone considering enrolment can get a taster by viewing sample questions on the ESMO website. For this year we’ve introduced a new feature where the correct answers have been explained by experts in the field.