ESMO Asia Congress 2019: Young Oncologists Programme

The Young Oncologist (YO) programme is specially designed by young oncologists for young oncologists and initiated by the ESMO Young Oncologist Committee (YOC). Here below, you can find the overview of the 2019 YO ESMO Asia programme, which includes educational and career developments sessions tackling topics which are highly relevant to YOs in their daily practice and/or research activities.


The fully integrated Young Oncologists (YO) Track at ESMO Congresses represents a jewel in the crown of our expanding portfolio of programmes and initiatives devised to deliver on the requirements of young oncologists in today’s ever-emerging landscape of precision medicine in oncology.
Especially crafted to provide guidance, educational opportunities, translational two-way exchange and debate, as well as real solutions matched to the needs of our Society’s junior members, I am confident that this year’s programme is set to inspire and enthuse participants and speakers alike!

Guillem Argilés
YOC Chair 2018-2019

Meet Your Mentor Sessions

Discussion Hub - Exhibition Hall, 4th floor

3 or 4 tables, each with 4 delegates and 1 mentor

Key opinion leaders will share their experience and vision, both professional and personal, in an informal setting encouraging open conversation with mentors and peers. Seats are limited, and pre-registration is recommended to attend and discuss educational and career development choices with leading oncology experts.

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Friday 22 November, 16.00-16.30


  • Fatima Cardoso, PT
  • Florian Lordick, DE
  • Jyoti Bajpai, IN
  • John Haanen, NL
  • Marina Garassino, IT

Saturday 23 November, 12.45-13.15


  • Caroline Robert, FR
  • Olivia Pagani, CH
  • Bhumsuk Keam, KR
  • Pasi Jänne, USA

Saturday 23 November, 16.00-16.30


  • Takayuki Yoshino, JP
  • Karin Jordan, DE
  • Sanjay Popat, UK
  • Giuseppe Curigliano, IT

YO Clinical cases discussion

Saturday 23 November, 16.30-18.00

Summit 2

Unusual challenges in clinical oncology: case discussions

Moderators: Guillem Argiles, ES; Chiara Cremolini, IT; Fortunato Ciardiello, IT

At the end of every lecture, 5 minutes will be dedicated to Question & Answers

  • Introduction
  • YO1 is metastatic breast cancer curable?
    16.30-16.40 - S.S. Gandhi, Pune, India
  • YO2- Paraneoplastic Encephalitis in a Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor
    16.45-16.50 - Lance Isidore G. Catedral, Philippines
  • YO3- Squamous Cell Carcinoma or Renal Parenchyma in a 30 years old Female with Renal Calculi
    16.55-17.00 - N. Abu Bakar, Selangor, Malaysia
  • YO4- Pelvic Nut carcinoma
    17.05-17.10 - K. Bajaj, Mumbai, India
  • YO5 Molecular and Clonal Evolution in recurrent Metastatic Gliosarcoma
    17.15-17.20 - A.C. Tan, St Leonard, Australia
  • YO6- Refinement of diagnosis and Supporting Evidence for the Use of Immunotherapy through Sequential Biopsies in one EML4/ALK Fusion Lung Adenocarcinoma Patient
    17.25-17.30 - P. Song, China
  • YO7- Intracranial Extra-Skeletal Myxoid chondrosarcoma with EWSR1 Gene Fusion
    17.35-17.40 - V. Selvaraj, India
  • Summary
    17.45-18.00 - Chairs

Vesalius Talks in collaboration with W4O

Discussion Hub - Exhibition Hall, 4th floor

The Vesalius Talk is an excellent opportunity for a direct discussion between young oncologists and more senior opinion leaders in the field of medical oncology. The audience will have the opportunity to ask practical advice from the panel. This is an informal session, with no presentations. Speakers must be open to stimulate discussion on the topic and encourage audience participation.

Saturday 23 November, 10.00-10.45

Vesalius Talk in collaboration with W4O, Discussion Hub 

How to prevent and deal with burn out in oncology

Panelists: Guillem Argilés, ES; Alena Gros, ES; Ravindran Kanesvaran, SIN

Sunday 24 November, 11.00-11.45

Vesalius Talk in collaboration with W4O, Discussion Hub 

The Role of the Mentor in shaping oncology career paths

Panelists: Guillem Argilès, ES; Fabrice Andrè, FR; Daniel Tan, SIN; Solange Peters, CH