ESMO Asia 2016: Joint Symposia

ESMO Asia 2016 Joint Symposia – collaborative sessions with many of the endorsing societies, for a global perspective on the current issues and developments in oncology.

ESMO-CSCO-JSMO-KACO Joint Symposium: Precision medicine: Current status, challenges and perspectives

Saturday 17 December, 09:00-10:30, Room: Summit 1
Chair: R. Stahel (Zürich, Switzerland)

  • Introduction, R. Stahel
  • A perspective from China, Y. Wu
  • A perspective from Europe, R. Stahel
  • A perspective from Japan, Y. Ohe
  • A perspective from Korea, Y. Im
  • Conclusions, R. Stahel

ESMO-SSO-ISMPO-MOGA Joint Symposium: Challenges in medical oncology public policy in India & South-East Asia

Saturday 17 December, 11:00-12:30, Room: Summit 1

Chair: J. Tabernero (Barcelona, Spain)

  • Introduction, J. Tabernero
  • The evolution of medical oncology training: The Singapore story, R. Kanesvaran
  • Access to cancer medicines in India, K. Smruti
  • Challenges and practice of medical oncology in India, G. Bhattacharyya
  • Challenges in Australian medical oncology practice: Access to oncology medicines and treatments, D. Karikios
  • Conclusions, J. Tabernero

ESMO-COS-MOS-NZSO Joint Symposium: New insights into gastrointestinal cancers

Saturday 17 December, 14:30-16:00, Room: Summit 1
Chair: F. Ciardiello (Napoli, Italy)

  • Introduction, F. Ciardiello
  • Challenges in the cholangiocarcinoma field, Y. Yen
  • Adjuvant aspirin for colorectal cancer? A cross-Asia collaborative effort, G. Ho
  • What do we know on EGFR-dependent colorectal cancer after 15 years of research and clinical practice? F. Ciardiello
  • Better outcomes in gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumours through clinically integrated genomics: Patient by patient and tumour by tumour, B. Lawrence
  • Conclusions, F. Ciardiello