ESMO 2017: Joint Symposia

ESMO 2017 Joint Symposia sessions exemplify our collaboration with medical organisations both at a European and international level


Friday 8 September - 14:00-15:30

ESMO-EACR: preclinical models for developing combination therapeutics (Granada)

ESMO-WHO: Workforce optimisation: a WHO-ESMO study on health workforce requirements using the example of breast cancer care (Alicante)

ESMO-ESOP: The growing need for collaboration between clinicians and oncology pharmacists (Bilbao)

ESMO-ESP: The evolution of pathological reporting – GI focus (Valencia)


Friday 8 September - 16:00-17:30

ESMO-ASCO: Evidence from single-arm trials (Valencia)

ESMO-JSMO: Combinations with immune-oncology agents for GI cancers: Which ones make the best partners? (Tarragona)

ESMO-KACO: molecular targets in breast cancer (Granada)

ESMO-EONS: Promoting patient safety at clinical and organisational levels (Bilbao)


Saturday 9 September - 11:00-12:30

ESMO-IPOS: Working together to prevent professional burnout and improve patient care (Bilbao)


Saturday 9 September - 14:45-16:15

ESMO-SIOPE: Tumours at the edge of paediatric and adult oncology: emphasising collaboration (Bilbao)

ESMO-ESTRO: Lung Cancer – recent development of multimodal treatments (Tarragona)


Sunday 10 September - 11:00-12:30

ESMO-EORTC-EACR: Tumours with rare oncogenic lesions: From pre-clinical to clinical validation (Pamplona)

ESMO-CSCO: Liquid biopsy in the clinic – from myth to reality


Monday 11 September - 09:15-10:45

ESMO-SEOM: Integrating biomarkers into oncology (Tarragona)


Monday 11 September - 11:00-12:30

ESMO-MASCC: Emerging issues in cancer and supportive care and survivorship (Valencia)


Monday 11 September - 14:45-16:15

ESMO-ESOI: Colorectal cancer imaging: New opportunities to guide treatment decisions (Bilbao)