ESMO 2017: Clinical Practice Guidelines Sessions

During this year's Clinical Practice Guidelines sessions speakers will present one clinical case with several questions to the audience on the treatment and management of the case. The discussant will then review the case and focus on the relevant guidelines recommendations.

Session 1: Sunday, 10 September; 10:45-12:45; Hall 9, Granada

  • Chairs: George Pentheroudakis, Cristiana Sessa

Resectable locally advanced oesophagogastric cancer

  • Speaker: Elizabeth Smyth
  • Discussant: Florian Lordick

Renal cancer: sequence of therapies, immunotherapy

  • Speaker: Lisa Derosa
  • Discussant: Bernard Escudier

Management of carcinomatous meningitis in a patient with advanced lung adenocarcinoma

  • Speaker: Emilie Le Rhun
  • Discussant: Matthias Preusser

Early-stage NSCLC

  • Speaker: Alessandra Curioni 
  • Discussant: Pieter Postmus

Session 2: Sunday, 10 September; 14:30-16:30; Hall 9, Granada

  • Chairs: George Pentheroudakis, Cristiana Sessa

Patient with metastatic breast cancer: sequence of therapies

  • Speaker: Carmen Criscitiello
  • Discussant: Nadia Harbeck

BRCA mutation carrier patient: how to manage?

  • Speaker: Katarzyna Sosińska-Mielcarek
  • Discussant: Shani Paluch-Shimon

Hodgkin's lymphoma

  • Speaker: Jemma Longley
  • Discussant: Stefano Luminari

Immunotherapy in melanoma, pseudoprogression, management of toxicities 

  • Speaker: Emanuela Romano
  • Discussant: Ulrich Keilholz