ESMO 2016: Clinical Practice Guidelines Sessions

During this year's Clinical Practice Guidelines sessions speakers will present one clinical case with several questions to the audience on the treatment and management of the case. The discussant will then review the case and focus on the relevant guidelines recommendations.

Session 1: Sunday, 9 October; 10:45-12:45; Room Rome

  • Chairs: G. Pentheroudakis, C. Sessa

Pancreatic cancer case presentation

  • Speaker: A.Stein
  • Discussant: M. Ducreux

Secondary Myelodysplastic Syndrome case presentation

  • Speaker: K. Metzeler
  • Discussant: P. Fenaux

Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia case presentation

  • Speaker: L. Ysebaert
  • Discussant: B. Eichhorst

Breast cancer, ER positive case presentation

  • Speaker: J. Ribeiro
  • Discussant: E. Senkus-Konefka

Session 2: Sunday, 9 October; 14:30-16:30; Room Rome

  • Chairs: G. Pentheroudakis, C. Sessa

Lung Cancer – an update on systemic treatment for advanced squamous cell carcinoma - case presentation

  • Speaker: S. Zimmermann
  • Discussant: A. Adjei

Thymic epithelial tumours case presentation

  • Speaker: C. Du Vignaux
  • Discussant: N. Girard

Prostate Cancer case presentation

  • Speaker: M. Strijbos
  • Discussant: A. Horwich

Endometrial Cancer case presentation

  • Speaker: M. Petrella
  • Discussant: N. Colombo