The Young Oncologists Track: Inspiring oncology leaders of the future

ESMO 2016 marks my first year as Chair of the ESMO Young Oncologists (YO) Committee; I would like to give special thanks to Raffaele Califano, the outgoing Chair

  • Date: 07 Oct 2016
Matthias Preusser

As in previous years, the YO (Young Oncologist) Track combines masterclasses with dedicated career development workshops to ensure that all participants improve their skills and benefit professionally from ESMO 2016. We are particularly proud of the YO Mentorship Session, which will give younger members the opportunity to discuss educational and career development needs with leading oncology experts in three areas of interest: academia; oncology practice; and the pharmaceutical industry  (Monday 10 October, 09.30 – 10.30, Warsaw).

This track’s programme has been carefully curated by the ESMO YO Committee with Dr Califano as Track Chair and this year, includes new Brunch Sessions (11.00 – 12.00, Saturday 8, Sunday 9 and Monday 10 October, Lisbon). Topics include: the EMA approval process for anticancer drugs; improving your literature searches; and the features of a good review article.

Other YO development opportunities include:

  • The Vesalius Talk (Sunday 9 October, 17.30 – 18.45, Bern). A talk combinedwith a networking session to build collaborations between basic scientists and medical oncologists.
  • The YO Forum (Monday 10 October, 16.00 – 17.30, Lisbon). Focus on communications skills and leadership techniques

Immunotherapy continues to be a major theme among the accepted abstracts at ESMO 2016, and with this in mind, the YO Masterclass (Sunday 9 October, 14.15 – 17.15, Bern) focuses on ‘Harnessing the immune system for cancer  therapy’. This session will precis the current hot topics in immunology with a view to enhancing your expertise in this area.

Finally, please take note of the Fellowship Session at 14.15 – 15.45 in Lisbon on Monday 10 October when this year’s awardees will be announced and two previous fellows will present their projects. One of last year’s fellows, Dr Angela Lamarca from The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK enthused, “The ESMO Translational Fellowship has provided a life-changing opportunity for me both personally and for my medical career. It has given me the opportunity to learn from colleagues who are considered to be international leads in the treatment of patients with hepato-pancreatico-biliary and neuroendocrine tumours, and to launch my career as a clinical and translational researcher.” We hope that  you will join us to celebrate the achievements of  these exceptional YOs.

This article appeared in the Friday edition of the Daily Reporter