ESMO 2014: Patient Advocates

ECPC - European Cancer Patient Coalition

Established in 2003, the European Cancer Patient Coalition is the voice of the European cancer patient community, uniquely representing the interests of all cancer patient groups from the most common to the rare forms of cancer. With its motto “Nothing about us without us!” ECPC represents  346 Members in 46 countries.


EuropaColon is the leading umbrella organisation for, and the voice of, colorectal cancer (CRC) patients in Europe. Started 10 years ago it now has 35 partner groups in 29 Countries in Europe supporting patients with CRC and raising awareness of the disease, providing information and support to citizens. It is our aim to identify CRC at an early stage and so reduce the number of deaths from CRC.

EUROPA DONNA – The European Breast Cancer Coalition

ED is an independent, non-profit organisation whose members are affiliated groups from countries throughout Europe.

The Coalition works to raise awareness of breast cancer and to mobilise the support of European women in pressing for improved breast cancer education, appropriate screening, optimal treatment and care and increased funding for research. EUROPA DONNA has national groups in 46 countries.

EUROPA UOMO (EUomo) - The European Prostate Cancer Coalition

Europa Uomo, the European Prostate Cancer Coalition, represents and supports patient groups with prostate diseases in general and cancer in particular. Our aims include increasing awareness of prostate diseases, the support of individualized treatment based on optimal medical treatment with personalized patient care and patients’ advocacy as a priority focused on quality of life based on solidarity and mutual respect. Our expansion is based on collaboration with the professional organizations to provide information on evidence based treatment, to educate men on holistic patient care and on solidarity in advocacy with other patient support groups.

IBTA - International Brain Tumour Alliance

The International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA) was established during the conference of the World Federation of Neuro Oncology held at Edinburgh (UK) in May 2005. The IBTA is an alliance of the support, advocacy and information groups for brain tumour patients and carers in different countries and also includes researchers, scientists, clinicians and allied health professionals who work in the field of brain tumours.

Make Sense campaign - EHNS - European Head and Neck Society

The Make Sense campaign, run by the European Head and Neck Society’s (EHNS), aims to raise awareness of head and neck cancer and ultimately improve outcomes for patients with the disease. It will do this through:

  • Education on disease prevention
  • Driving understanding of the signs and symptoms of the disease
  • Encouraging earlier presentation, diagnosis and referral

MPE - Myeloma Patients Europe

MPE is a non-profit umbrella organisation of myeloma patient groups from across Europe.

MPE’s mission is to provide education, information and support to member groups and to advocate at European/national level for the best possible research and equal access to the best possible treatment and care.

To meet its aims, MPE works directly with healthcare professionals, reimbursement authorities, policy makers, industry, the media, MPE members and other stakeholders.


The MDS-Alliance is a global health initiative that aims to ensure MDS patients, regardless of their age, have access to the best multi-professional care. This initiative aims to provide patients and their caregivers and the health care team with the training tools and the information about MDS, including current treatment options.

WALCE - Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe

WALCE is a non-profit organization founded in Italy in 2006 with the aim to raise women’s awareness about the increased rate of lung cancer‘s incidence and mortality in female gender. Our mission is to support and advocate for lung cancer patients and their families, to educate patients and general public and circulate information in terms of prevention, diagnosis and therapy.