EMUC 2012 Programme

The 4th European Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancers is a unique gathering of professionals from three progressive fields: urology, medical oncology and radiology.

This meeting aims to stimulate discussion and cooperation across disciplines in order to formulate optimal treatment strategies for onco-urological patients.

The format of this meeting embraces state-of-the art lectures, practice-oriented case discussions and exciting debates – generating top-class international multidisciplinary knowledge. At the same time, the meeting is a perfect opportunity for delegates to talk to world-leading experts and build interdisciplinary networks. With more focus on translational research and breakthrough technologies, the meeting will take its place as one of Europe’s most forward-looking multidisciplinary gatherings. We invite you to join the 4th EMUC meeting to take a closer look at the groundbreaking research in your field and several adjacent specialities.

Push the boundaries and draw new inspiration!

Scientific programme

The full scientific programme is available on the EMUC website and can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF document.

Programme highlights

Audio interview: The future of medical therapies in PCa

In this interview, Prof. Johan De Bono talks about his upcoming lecture at the 4th European Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancers where he is going to cover the current needs in the treatment of PCa and the way they drive the development of medical therapies.