ELCC 2012 Interviews

Interview with Dr Ken O'Byrne on the prognostic role of KRAS mutation in non-small cell lung cancer

Dr O'Byrne says this study is a positive step forward in identifying a definite target in a real way


Abstract 164O KRAS mutational status impact progression free survival of patients treated with platinum based chemotherapy in NSCLC
 M.C. Garassino1, S. Veronese1, M. Marabese1, E. Rulli2, G. Farina2, F. Longo3, M.A. Fabbri4, S. Piva2, O. Martelli5, A. Scanni2. (1Milan/IT, 2Milan/IT, 3Rome/IT, 4Viterbo/IT, 5Rome/IT)

Interview with Dr Tony Mok on the clinical implications of the biomarker analysis of the TORCH trial

Dr Mok highlights the strong value of EGFR mutation status when selecting the most effective treatment sequence in advanced NSCLC


Abstract 163O Biomarkers of TORCH Trial on First-line Erlotinib Followed by Second-line Chemotherapy in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
 M.S. Tsao1, C. Gallo2, M. Saieg1, G.D.C. Santos1, V. Gebbia3, F. Perrone2, C. Butts4, F. Ciardiello2, R. Feld5, C. Gridelli6. (1Toronto/CA, 2Napoli/IT, 3Palermo/IT, 4Edmonton, AB/CA, 5Toronto, ON/CA, 6Avellino/IT)

Interview with Dr Carbone on symptom evaluation from a study using the new agent dacomitinib

Dr Carbone stresses the importance of symptom control and quality of life when treating NSCLC patients


Abstract 166O Evaluation of symptom impact of dacomitinib (PF-00299804) vs erlotinib in patients with advanced NSCLC after chemotherapy failure: results from a phase 2 randomized clinical trial
 J. O'Connell1, A. Bottomley2, S.S. Ramalingam3, M. Boyer4, K. Park5, F. Blackhall6, R. Mundayat7, A. Campbell1. (1Groton, CT/US, 2Brussels/BE, 3Atlanta, GA/US, 4Camperdown, NSW/AU, 5Seoul/KR, 6Manchester/UK, 7New York, NY/US)