ESO-ESMO-RCE Clinical Update on Rare Adult Solid Cancers 2016

Milan, Italy - 25 Nov - 27 Nov 2016

Rare cancers make up as many as one fifth of all new cancer cases. Amongst them, pediatric cancers and rare hematologic neoplasms are often covered by dedicated educational events, while adult solid rare cancers are hardly grouped together and approached as a collective group of neoplasms. They account for as many as 15% of all new cancer cases and are therefore the main group within rare cancers.

This course, aimed to provide the community of clinical oncologists specialising in these tumours with a regular update of recent advances in this specific area. The ultimate goal was to strengthen the educational coverage of a group of cancers which may be neglected in spite of their collective incidence.

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  • P.G. Casali, Italy
  • R.A. Stahel, Switzerland


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European School of Oncology
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