ESMO Advanced Courses: Testimonials

Are you thinking of applying to take part in an ESMO Advanced Course? Previous participants share their thoughts and experiences...


"Great experience, learning from top professors and sharing knowledge, doubts and personal experience with oncologists from other countries.I really appreciated the debate pro and contra about first-line treatment with IO in lung cancer and had the opportunity of directly ask and discuss clinical cases with top oncologists at the workshop sessions.This meeting will impact directly my daily practice as I treat every day lung cancer patients with IO."​

Miguel Garcia, Spain
ESMO Advanced Course on Lung Cancer in Immunotherapy, Zürich, July 2019​

Petra Vuković

"I believe ESMO could not have a better concept for education than Advanced Courses. I'm amazed by this course, the interactivity there and everything I have learned. This course highlighted the importance of individualizing MDT approach taking into consideration all the specificity of neuroendocrine tumour biology and reflecting on both diagnostic and treatment options, treatment complications and patient's wishes. It provided evidence-based background, pointing specificities regarding NENs studies and their clinical implications, and reflected on current unmet needs in this field which are going to be a subject of future research."​

Petra Vuković , Croatia
ESMO Advanced Course on Individualising the therapeutic approach in patients with NENs, Barcelona, June 2019

Lilit Harutyunyan

"Neuroendocrine tumours are rare malignancies and there is a lack of experience and literature, therefore this course was really helpful as it gave us a lot of useful information in a very interactive atmosphere. I found the workshop part particularly effective as it helped us to improve our clinical way of thinking and to consider the importance of a multidisciplinary team."

Lilit Harutyunyan, Armenia
ESMO Advanced Course on Individualising the therapeutic approach in patients with NENs, Barcelona, June 2019


"This advanced course was a great opportunity to keep up with the complex and fast changing world of oncology and to learn how a multidisciplinary approach is the best way to manage patients. The knowledge gained during this course allowed me to learn, unlearn and re-learn data regarding prostate cancer management and will help me to choose the best clinical approach tailored to each single patient. The workshops were one of the highlights of this course: they allowed us to interact actively and challenged us to apply what we already knew and what we have learnt during the course to real clinical case scenarios."
Maria Diana Aileen Chua Bautista, Philippines
ESMO Advanced Course on Clinical Questions in Prostate Cancer, Singapore, September 2018


"The meeting was excellent. The interactive approach was very innovative and useful. The Faculty was outstanding and composed of high level experts in every field of immuno-oncology, including some of the rising stars of the European medical oncology field. I have learnt how to manage and recognize immune-related adverse events of special interest, especially in unusual organs, and how to better interpret responses to immuno-oncology."
Alessandro Russo, Italy
ESMO Advanced Course on Unsolved Questions in Immuno-Oncology, Amsterdam, February 2018