Mila Petrova

Young Oncologists Committee member

Address Military Medical Academy


Mila Petrova

ESMO: Tell us a bit about your education and specialisation so far in your career

Mila: I was in state residence in the University Hospital of Cologne in Germany, in 2008, the year when I finalised my medical studies, and in 2010 I spend a month in medical oncology at University Hospital of Vienna in Austria. Since then I am specialising in medical oncology in Sofia.

What is your current activity?

I do clinical work in different cancer malignancies, and I am especially interested in lung cancer.

Why did you choose to become a medical oncologist?

In my opinion, there is no other medical field in which all medical specialties are so much connected and dependent on each other as medical oncology. One needs to be not only proficient in medicine, but also well educated in psychology in order to be a good practitioner. This mixture of medicine, psychology, generosity, self-denial and dedication – called medical oncology, has only one target – humanity. That is why I love my work as a medical oncologist.

What does your involvement with ESMO and the Young Oncologists Committee (YOC) mean to you?

Being part of the big family of ESMO and the YOC means not only many new opportunities for development and friendship but also responsibilities and duties. And in order to be a real member of that family, one has fully to understand, to feel and only after that to follow the simple but so essential motto of ESMO – good science, better medicine, best practice.

Do you have some good advice you would like to share with your international colleagues?

Let us sit all together round the table and try to overcome all our differences in the name of humanity.