ESMO Women for Oncology Committee

Paving the way for tomorrow’s female oncology leaders

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The ESMO Women for Oncology Committee is a team of professionals, distinguished by their commitment to generating awareness and promoting equal career-development opportunities for female oncologists.

Solange Peters, Chair of the ESMO Women for Oncology Committee

The Women for Oncology Committee was established in early 2015 to address the challenges faced by female oncologists aiming to undertake leadership positions during their careers.

Mission Statement

Raising awareness and promoting equal access to career-development opportunities for female oncologists while providing a platform for networking with other oncologists and national groups.

The Committee is tasked with:

  • Encouraging balanced gender representation across all ESMO activities and committees including conference educational and scientific committees and programmes
  • Informing the ESMO Executive Board about the career development issues and challenges women oncologists face and providing a W4O perspective to facilitate access to activities developed by ESMO
  • Generating and disseminating information on the representation of women in the oncology workforce
  • Raising awareness and advocating for policies aimed at ensuring balanced gender representation in leadership positions in oncology
  • Developing W4O sessions at ESMO Congresses and networking sessions at ESMO events
  • Supporting the career development of women oncologistsby providing educational and mentorship programmes
  • Nurturing the development of a network of women oncologists with the ultimate aim of improving the gender balance in leadership positions
  • Inspiring and being a “hub” for the creation of national W4O groups committed to implementing educational initiatives aimed at advancing the career development of women
  • Acknowledging professionals who have made a significant contribution to supporting the career development of women working in oncology by assigning the annual ESMO Women for Oncology Award

The Women for Oncology Committee is the point of contact between ESMO and female oncologists and is therefore an open channel to listen to the needs, challenges and experiences of female oncologists.

You are welcome to get in touch with the Women for Oncology Committee to share any suggestions, news, feedback or examples of initiatives that support the career development of women oncologists.

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Committee Chair

  • Solange Peters, Switzerland

Core Committee Members

  • Tamara Allen, UK
  • Dirk Arnold, Germany
  • Susana Banerjee, UK
  • Giuseppe Curigliano, Italy
  • Marina Garassino, Italy
  • Elena Garralda, Spain
  • John Haanen, The Netherlands
  • Caroline Robert, France
  • Cristiana Sessa, Switzerland
  • Eva Thalmann, Austria

Extended Committee Members

  • Patricia Cornet, US
  • Enriqueta Felip, Spain
  • Pilar Garrido, Spain
  • Helena Linardou, Greece
  • Erika Martinelli, Italy
  • Frances Shepherd, Canada
  • Ruth Vera, Spain
  • Janice Tsang, Hong Kong
  • Heather Wakelee, US