Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology/ Vall d'Hebron Hospital

ESMO Fellowship Host Institute

Contact person Alejandro Piris Giménez
Address Passeig Vall d'Hebron 119
Edifici Maternoinfantil, planta 14
08035 Barcelona


Contact Tel: +34 934 893 021 -
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Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology

Fellowship Opportunities

  • Translational Research Fellowship
  • Clinical Research Fellowship

Training Experience Required

The fellow needs to be board certified for medical oncology. The main focus of the Molecular Therapy Research Unit (Unitat de Investigació en Teràpia Molecular, UITM) is Early Drug Development of targeted therapies so this subject should be of special interest to the fellow. Prior experience in Clinical Research will be an added value. Since the fellow will deal with patients treated in Phase I trials, the ability to communicate in Spanish is necessary for the fellowship.

General description

The Vall d´Hebron University Hospital (HVH) is one of the largest hospitals in Spain. The Department of Medical Oncology works on providing patient care and on cutting-edge scientific clinical and basic research, with a clear focus on Translational Oncology. The interaction between Clinical Research and Lab research stimulates the development of new clinical and research opportunities.


At the Department of Medical Oncology of HVH both basic and clinical researchers share a vision on Translational Oncology. Within the Department of Medical Oncology (headed by Dr. Josep Tabernero), the Molecular Therapy Research Unit (UITM) performs early clinical studies (phase I trials) with novel therapeutics. The main focus of the UITM is the translation of novel targeted therapies strategies into clinical testing: first-in-human trials, novel combinations of targeted therapies and biomarker-driven studies are the main areas of study. Historically, the phase I programme of VHIO/ HVH has steadily grow in recognition, and now, with the new facilities at UITM, it has become one of the largest in dedicated space, trials and recruitment in Europe.


UITM is a dedicated unit for Phase I trials within the department of Medical Oncology. At VHIO/ HVH, we have strong collaborations with the different tumour-specific units (Breast cancer, GI cancer, etc.), translational research laboratories, Molecular Pathology, etc. Appart from the expertise in Drug Development and clinical trials design, we are involved in biomarker development (CTC, Pharmacodynamics, etc.), patient-derived xenografts, and molecular analysis of tumours for treatment selection. Crucial facilities for translational research are available, with groups focused in cancer-stem cells, cell-signaling, resistance to targeted therapies, Genomics, and Molecular Pathology.