Medical Oncology, Second University of Naples (Sun)

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Contact person Massimo Manna
Address Via Pansini 5
Edificio 3, II piano
80131 Naples


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Fellowship opportunities

Translational Research Fellowship

Training experience required

For a translational research fellow a minimal training in lab is required.

General description

The Naples School of Medicine dates back to the foundation of the University of Naples, ordered by the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Frederick II on 5 June, 1224. In the Medical Oncology, belonging to the Department of Experimental Medicine, patients with cancer are treated with high professionalism and human attitude. The research is our mission and we offer our patients new treatment options.


The Medical Oncology of SUN is a center in which translational research is actively done.  In fact, starting from very early steps of in vitro and in vivo research all the knowledge is applied into clinical practice and it is translated in clinical trials for cancer patients.


In the Medical Oncology Unit patients are enrolled and treated into clinical trials, the laboratories  are equipped for translational studies to select the best treatment to offer patients, we offer the possibility of access in  two  animal houses and the facilities to perform in vitro study of genomics, proteomics, primary and acquired resistance  to targeted agents.

Additional Contact

Contact Personn: Dr Erika Martinelli,