Institute of Cancer Research, Medical University of Vienna

Contact person Inga Ilonyte, Assistant to Prof. Sibilia
Address Institute of Cancer Research
Borschkegasse 8a
1090 Vienna


Contact Phone: +43 1 40160 57502 -
Web Institute of Cancer Research website

Fellowship opportunity

  • Translational Research Fellowship

Training Experience required

  • At least 6-12 months experience in a research laboratory

General description of the institute

MedUni Vienna is not only the largest medical organisation in Austria, it is also one of the most important top-level research institutions in Europe and provides Europe's largest hospital, the AKH in Vienna, with all of its medical staff.

With its long history and tradition, which covers 640 years, MedUni has developed into a highly modern research institution that covers an area of 40,000 m². It employs a staff of 5,000, of which 1,800 are researchers and 1,600 are medical doctors. Each year 100,000 patients are treated as inpatients in 31 university clinics, 48,000 operations are conducted and 605,000 outpatients receive initial treatment in the day-clinics.


Research at our institute focuses on Cellular and Molecular Tumorbiology, Applied and Experimental Oncology, Chemical Safety and Cancer Prevention and tumor Progression and Metastasis. These topics deal with the molecular characterization of events leading to cancer formation, progression and metastasis, the development of novel therapeutic concepts, and the influence of environmental factors on cancer development. The common goals are to improve cancer prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and cure.


Further information can be found on the institute website.