Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus

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Contact person John Rowell / Arnauld Forest
Address 114 rue Edouard Vaillant

94805 Villejuif


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Institut de Cancérologie Gustave Roussy

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  • Translational Research Fellowships
  • Clinical Research Fellowships

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General description

Gustave Roussy is the premier European Cancer Centre uniting patient care, research, and teaching that places innovation at the heart of a human, scientific, and technological revolution in the fight against cancer.

The centre deploys cutting-edge research to advance scientific discovery. Doctors are making use of more personalized and less invasive medicine, and are administering top-notch treatments in the safest possible conditions. Gustave Roussy is investing in ultramodern technologies and developing innovative services that promote the well-being of patients and support open dialogue for patients and their families to assist during difficult times.


A pioneer in the multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of cancer, Gustave Roussy is dedicated to rapidly translating research advances to clinical application for the benefit of patients.

The institute specializes in the management of rare cancers and complex tumours and unites expertise in medical oncology, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, interventional radiology and reconstructive surgery. Due to its commitment to teaching, the institute is at the forefront of medicine, capable of adapting to the revolutionary changes impacting cancer treatment.


Treatment: The 355-bed hospital had 228,000 consultations, over 11,000 new patient consultations, (22% of whom came from abroad, 750 patients enrolled in early-phase clinical trials, and 3300 patients enrolled in a clinical trial in 2014. Overall, 369 clinical trials are underway at the Cancer Centre.

Research: Over 300 researchers, comprising 13 departments and 36 research teams, work under the oversight of the Scientific Advisory Board, the Therapeutic Trials Commission and the Clinical Research Committee.

Teaching: Over 40,000 hours of instruction are given annually, with 2300 students and 500 professionals receiving training. Created in 2012 in collaboration with the University of Paris, the School of Oncology has 26 teaching professors and 214 physicians teaching its courses. Twenty-six post-graduate courses (diplômes universitaires) are offered by Gustave Roussy.

Additional contact

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