Innsbruck Medical University

ESMO Fellowship Host Institute

Contact person Professor Ira-Ida Skvortsova
Address Anichstr. 35
A-6020 Innsbruck


Contact Tel: +43-512-504-27758 / -27757 -
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Innsbruck Medical University

Training Experience Required

  • Be interested in basic research that has direct clinical applicability and in translational research in oncology.
  • Reveal a wish to search predictive biomarkers and new therapeutic targets to predict/overcome therapy resistance in cancer patients.

General description of the Institute

Innsbruck Medical University is situated in a federal state (Bundesland) Tyrol in western Austria. Medicine has a very long tradition in Tyrol and in Innsbruck: the first tyrolean hospital was opened in Schwaz in 1307. In 1669 the University of Innsbruck was founded by Emperor Leopold I and the first medical faculty in the Alpine region was set up in 1672.

In 2004, in the context of a general university reform, the Medical Faculty with its rich tradition became a university on its own right and was named Innsbruck Medical University. Innsbruck Medical University works closely with Tyrolean province hospital that is recognized as a biggest in western Austria .


Established in 2006, the Laboratory for Translational Research on Radiation Oncology is an integral research and training component of the Department of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology. The laboratory is interested in basic and translational research that has direct clinical applicability.

The research programme is dedicated to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the sensitivity of cancer cells to radio-, chemo-, hormonal and targeted therapeutic approaches. Additionally, the laboratory initiated pre-clinical and clinical studies to define strategies to predict and improve treatment outcome in cancer patients.


The laboratory is very well equipped and provides all crucial equipment to conduct various methods in cancer research incl. proteome approach.  Furthermore, our lab works in cooperation with national and international cancer and biomedicine centres and laboratories that provides additional possibilities to use their expertise and equipment for the planned research projects.