Champalimaud Clinical Centre, Breast Unit

ESMO Fellowship Host Institute

Contact person Dr Fatima Cardoso
Address Av Brasilia, s/n
Lisbon, Lisbon 1400-038


Contact Phone: +351210480004 -
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Champalimaud Clinical Centre (CCC)

Fellowship opportunities

  • Clinical Research Fellowship
  • Clinical Unit Visit Fellowship

Training experience required

  • Proficiency in English
  • Completed residency in medical oncology or surgery (expertise in breast surgery)
  • The research project topic should be in the field of breast cancer

About the centre

The Champalimaud Clinical Centre (CCC) is a state-of-the-art centre for science, medicine and technology, belonging to the Champalimaud Foundation. The CCC hosts a clinical facility for integrated treatment of oncologic and neuropsychiatric diseases, translational research activities and advanced programmes of medical education.

The CCC is fully equipped to offer the latest techniques and methods in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the breast, gynaecological, thoracic, genito-urinary malignancies and digestive tract. Our experienced physicians and scientists work together in multidisciplinary Disease Management Teams to bring all available knowledge and techniques to bear in the provision of personalised, patient-oriented medicine. Risk assessment and early diagnosis of disease is a primary concern of all units.

The CCC also includes a Neuropsychiatry Unit which provides care in this area as well as working closely with the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme to ensure that this work fits the Foundation's translational model of medical science.

All of the Champalimaud Foundation's medical faculty are involved in research projects. 

Department expertise

Dr. Fatima Cardoso is the Director of the Breast Unit and coordinates a full team of breast cancer experts comprising all the specialities and breast nurses involved in multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of Breast Cancer.

The Champalimaud Breast Unit has been accredited in 2016 by BCCERT, the European Accrediation Organization for Breast Units. It manages about 1500 new breast cancer patients of all stages.

The Breast Unit is a member of the EORTC, IBCSG and SOLTI cooperative groups.

All patients have a multidisciplinary approach and are encouraged to participate in Clinical Trials.

The Breast Unit is actively involved in clinical and translational research, collaborating with basic research groups of the CCC and abroad.


The Breast Unit comprises all the inpatient and outpatient facilities needed for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. All healthcare professionals are fully dedicated to breast cancer and work physically in the same area (Breast Unit).