ESMO Fellowship Offers

From short-term educational visits lasting a few days to clinical programmes from six weeks to one year and translational research for up to two years, the ESMO Oncology Fellowship Programme is a unique opportunity for medical oncologists.

Before applying for an ESMO Fellowship, please ensure that you have read the ESMO General Conditions for Fellowship Awards document.

ESMO European Integration Fellowship

Created for young oncologists from certain European countries, this fellowship promotes knowledge transfer from a European centre of excellence to the fellow’s home institute.

Duration: 6 weeks Award: 5,000€
Application deadline: 06 September 2019

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ESMO Research Fellowship

Depending on focus the research fellowship offers comprehensive bench-to-bedside training in translational research or provides the necessary support to develop clinical oncology research projects, both provide invaluable international experience.

Duration: 1 year  Award: 40,000 € (2nd year prolongation possible)
Application deadline: Application closed

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ESMO Palliative Care Fellowships

Designed to provide oncologists or oncology fellows additional experience in palliative care training. Two programmes are available:

PC Research Fellowship - Duration: 1-3 months  Award: 5,000€
PC Observation Fellowship - Duration: minimum 1-month Award: 2,500€
Application deadline: Application closed

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Clinical Unit Visits

Short educational visits to enable participants to acquire know-how from a European centre of excellence and transfer it to their home institute.

Duration: 6 weeks  Award: 5,000€
Application deadline: Application closed.

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Translational Research Unit Visits

Organised by ESMO, these educational events focus on technology, project management, funding, clinician relationship and quality control. Visits are for a group of 10 and take place in mainly Spring and Autumn.

Duration: 4 days Award: 1,000€
Application deadline: Application closed


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