Department Chair and Professor of Medical Oncology

Publication date: 30.08.2019


Amsterdam University Medical Centers
De Boelenlaan 1118
The Netherlands

Amsterdam UMC, a merger of the two academic medical centers in Amsterdam (VU University Medical Center and Academic Medical Center), is seeking a Chair of the Department of Medical Oncology. The department has a national and international reputation as a leading center with outstanding academic care and a strong translational research program that aims to bring innovative treatments to patients. Currently, the department holds 19 staff medical oncologists. There are successful basic and translational scientific programs being supported by the integration of care and research, exemplified by the fact that several oncology research laboratories are embedded within the Department of Oncology. There is excellent multidisciplinary collaboration with relevant departments and collaboration with community hospitals is well established.
In the coming years all oncology care and research will be concentrated at the location VU University Medical Center. There, the hospital, the novel research building and the imaging/cyclotron facility are physically connected in order to create synergy across disciplines.


Job Title

Department Chair and Professor of Medical Oncology 

Job Description and Requirements

Candidates should be internationally renowned medical oncologists with an outstanding record of research accomplishments. They should have the ability to provide leadership to the department with experience in an organization of comparable scope. As the two locations of the Departments of Medical Oncology will merge, candidates will be expected to be dynamic leaders with excellent interpersonal, communicative and teambuilding skills. Candidates from both the Netherlands and abroad are welcomed for this position. For foreign candidates a willingness to become acquainted with the Dutch language and health care system is mandatory.

How to apply

Applications, consisting of a motivation letter, curriculum vitae and publication list, should be sent before September 15, 2019 to Prof. Sonja Zweegman (Chair of the Appointment Advisory Committee) at
Phone: +31 20 - 444 44 44

Application deadline

Deadline for application is 15 September 2019

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