ESMO/BIG Curriculum in Translational Research in Breast Cancer

The curriculum is applicable as a guide document for translational research training in other cancer types

The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) and Breast International Group (BIG) recognised a gap in the formal educational criteria for medical professionals involved in translational research activities in breast cancer. Esteemed representatives from both societies worked together with an aim to develop a document that will support and better coordinate translational research training of medical personnel by emphasising the basic subjects to be considered within standardised curriculum.

This curriculum targets professionals from all disciplines involved in translational research activities. The goal for the trainees is to introduce them to advances and pitfalls in translational research and to facilitate the involvement in translational research.

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The writing committee of this curriculum advocate that:

  • Trainees should understand that translational research is a multidisciplinary team effort
  • Trainees should understand that there is a variety of topics in translational research and the projects therefore could be managed differently
  • Strongly advises that teaching faculty has a strong practical experience in the topic

The document has been reviewed by experts from the ESMO and BIG. It served as a basis for the development of the Pre-IMPAKT 2014 Training Course programme.

The ESMO Translational Research and Personalised Medicine Working Group endorses the curriculum’s applicability for guiding translational research training in other cancer types as well.