TAT Honorary Award

The TAT Honorary Award was established in the early 1990s to acknowledge distinguished cancer drug development experts who have devoted a major part of their careers to the discovery and development of better anticancer medicines.

TAT 2019 Honorary Award recipient

The TAT 2019 Honorary Award has been given to Dr Geoffrey Shapiro, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Institute Physician at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, for his leadership in developmental therapeutics, particularly in solid tumours. The award was presented during the International Congress on Targeted Anticancer Therapies (TAT) 2019, held in Paris, France, 25–27 February.


For many years, the TAT International Congress has been a critical venue for the presentation of translational research and discussion of all facets of early drug development, from biology of novel drug classes to clinical trial design, to monitoring of toxicities and responses, to reporting of early clinical results. There is no other place where those involved in early drug development can find such a strong and supportive community of premier investigators with international representation. It is therefore a great honour to be selected by my peers for the TAT Honorary Award this year, one of my proudest accolades for which I am tremendously grateful.

Geoffrey Shapiro

Past TAT Honorary Award recipients

  • Jean-Charles Soria (2018)
  • Jedd D. Wolchok (2017)
  • Anthony Tolcher (2016)
  • Hilary Calvert (2015)
  • Patricia LoRusso (2014)
  • Jean-Pierre Armand (2013)
  • Elizabeth Eisenhauer (2012)
  • Giuseppe Giaccone (2011)
  • Axel Ullrich (2010)
  • Napoleone Ferrara (2009)
  • Julian Adams (2008)

Nomination and selection process

The recipient is nominated by the International Congress on Targeted Anticancer Therapies (TAT) Scientific Committee.

The award consists of the opportunity to give a scientific keynote lecture, a prize and free registration, free accommodation and reimbursement of travel expenses to the TAT Congress.

The TAT Scientific Committee is requested to nominate candidates who must:

  • be a distinguished cancer drug development expert, who has devoted a major part of their career to the discovery and development of better anticancer medicines
  • demonstrate an affiliation to a major academic or cancer research or treatment institution
  • have published articles on drug development in highly cited peer-reviewed journals      
  • be an ESMO member
  • not be a current member of the ESMO Executive Board or the ESMO Nomination Committee, nor have served on these committees within the last two years
  • not be a TAT Scientific Committee member
  • not be a past TAT Honorary Award recipient

All nominations are evaluated, and a final awardee is selected by the ESMO President, in collaboration with the TAT Congress Steering Committee Chair and the ESMO Nomination Committee Chair.