ESMO Young Oncologists Committee: Major Achievements


  • YO Facebook group: over 4300 members
  • YO dedicated sessions at ESMO Asia
  • Childcare Service from ESMO2017 at annual Congresses
  • Publication of the ESMO YO Burnout Survey in Annals of Oncology
  • Publication of “Career opportunities and benefits for young oncologists in the European Society for Medical Oncology” in ESMO Open
  • Launch of the YO Mentorship Session at ESMO2016
  • Launch of the YO Clinical Case Discussion Session at ESMO2016
  • 1st YO Session for Medical Students and New Physicians and Poster Walk at ESMO2016


  • Creation of the YO Facebook Group
  • Revamp of the YO Website Corner on
  • Launch of YO Journal Club
  • Launch of ‘Images in Oncology’
  • Launch of dedicated YO E-News
  • European-wide survey on NSCLC presented as a poster at ESMO2012
  • 1st Fellowship Session at ESMO
  • Dedicated YO Sessions at ESMO World GI
  • Dedicated YO Sessions at European Lung Cancer Congress (ELCC)
  • European-wide survey on Burnout
  • 1st meeting with Chairs of National YO Groups
  • 1st YO Networking Evening at ESMO2012


  • ESMO Handbook series started with the Handbook of Oncological Emergencies
  • “The young oncologist’s point of view” survey I & II
  • 1st Vesalius Talk at ESMO2006 


  • Creation of ESMO Young Oncologists Commitee (YOC)
  • 1st Translational Research Unit (TRU) Visit
  • 1st YO Masterclass and Breakfast Sessions at ESMO Congress in Nice